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Solutions: Inclusion - Mobile Technology Center

Procure a Multipurpose Mobile Technology Center

GOAL: Provide unserved and underserved residents with computer and Internet access.

DESCRIPTION: Partner with the public library or school system to acquire a bus (or equip a bookmobile) with laptop computers and wireless Internet service to deliver technology access and programs to unserved residents in remote areas in the community.

Equipped with an instructor, the mobile technology center should provide digital literacy classes, job search assistance, e-learning programs, information during community events, and emergency assistance.

Beyond training and education, the mobile technology center should be used to target and reach unserved or underserved members of the community and to provide them a medium for participating in the community’s technology planning process.


Determine project partners and establish areas of demand for such a center.

Equip the vehicle with: 10-20 laptops loaded with appropriate software; A wireless modem that interfaces with a wireless relay station on the vehicle. Signals can be sent from any remote site in the community to partnering organization (e.g., public library) for deployment to the Web, television, or other medium; Large screen TV; Smart board for instruction; Wheelchair accessible workstations; Networked printer; and Full-time instructor(s).

Develop schedule of mobile technology center visits.


Library; School Districts; Community transportation department; Businesses; Financial institutions/local foundations; Workforce development agencies


SCDC Mobile Technology Center

Examples of existing mobile technology centers include: St. Louis Community College Mobile Tech Center; El Paso Public Library Tech-Mobile; State Library of Ohio Mobile Technology Training Center; and Pike County Public Library District Mobile Technology Center.