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Solutions: Healthcare - Telehealth

Promote Telemedicine in Remote Areas

GOAL: Deliver improved healthcare services to rural residents.

DESCRIPTION: Promote the delivery of healthcare services from a distance using video-based technologies.  Telemedicine (or telehealth) can help to address challenges associated with living in sparsely populated areas and having to travel long distances to seek medical care—particularly for patients with chronic illnesses.  It also addresses the issue of the lack of medical specialists in remote areas by awarding access to specialists in major hospitals situated in other cities, states, or countries.

While telemedicine can be delivered to patient homes, it can also be implemented in partnership with local clinics, libraries, churches, schools, or businesses that have the appropriate equipment and staff to manage it.

The most critical steps in promoting telemedicine are ensuring that patients and medical professionals have access to broadband service, understanding the main features of telemedicine, being aware of the technologies required for telemedicine, and understanding how to develop, deliver, use, and evaluate telemedicine services.


Identify broadband needs in remote areas and address how access challenges will be resolved.

Check out the following link...7 Actions Providers Can Take to Launch Telemedicine Services Successfully

One relevant funding opportunity includes Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loans and Grants Program. USDA provides loans and grants to rural community facilities (e.g., schools, libraries, hospitals, and tribal organizations) for advanced telecommunications systems that can provide healthcare and educational benefits to rural areas.

Three kinds of financial assistance are available: a full grant, grant-loan combination, and a full loan.


Healthcare providers and broadband providers; State, county, and local government healthcare departments; Healthcare advocates and community organizations; Citizens




Seven Actions Providers Can Take to Launch Telemedicine Services Successfully: