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Small Businesses Lead the Pack in Allowing Teleworking

(May 19, 2011) - As the nation marks the 48th annual National Small Business Week, new Connected Nation research shows that small businesses are leading the way in empowering their employees, particularly by allowing them to telework.

Last week, Connected Nation launched its Broadband and Business study, which examines how businesses of all sizes across 11 states and Puerto Rico use broadband. In a survey of more than 9,600 businesses, Connected Nation found that 27% of small businesses (businesses with one to four employees) allow their employees to telework. Among businesses with five or more employees, 19% allow their employees to telework.

In addition to examining which businesses allow telework, we have also looked at which states’ businesses take advantage of teleworking.

On average, 16 percent of employed adults in Connected Nation states telework, or work from home during normal business hours instead of commuting. Minnesota has the highest percentage of employed adults who telework (20%), while only 4% of employed adults living in Puerto Rico telework.

These numbers show that teleworking is a vital work option for many American workers and businesses alike. The telework option can help all sectors maintain their place in the American workforce.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the success stories of small businesses in our states.

By Sarah Graham, Communications Specialist, Connected Nation