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Online Resources Take Stress Off Texas Voters

Contributor: Brian Caudill

Election time is here!

 src= has a wealth of online resources available to help you make more informed decisions on Election Day.

Knowing where to vote is one of the biggest questions people have on Election Day. You can find out where to vote in Texas on Tuesday, November 6th by visiting

Voters in Travis County are enjoying a new convenience beginning this election. They no longer are required to vote in their precinct. Thanks to Travis County’s Vote Center program, eligible voters will be able to vote anywhere they see a “Vote Here/Aqui” sign. That means Travis County voters have 207 polling locations to choose from. To see a map of all the polling locations, visit

REPLACE_THIS_TEXT_WITH_OPENING_IMAGE_TAG alt="" src="" style="width: 200px; height: 160px; margin: 5px; float: left;" title="">In other Texas counties, voters will need to vote in their assigned precinct. Here are some helpful links for finding your precinct information in some of our state’s most populated counties:

Harris County:

Dallas County:

Tarrant County:

Bexar County:

For those wanting to be more informed about the upcoming election, check out the Voter’s Guide by the League of Women Voters of Texas. The 40-page guide includes information on where to vote, what to take to the polls, and a complete breakdown of all the candidates and state ballot initiatives.

If you have a smartphone, there are several apps that can make voting an easier experience. The SmartTXVoter app lets you set reminders for key election dates, send voting reminders to friends and family, find out where to vote, and view the state ballot. After you vote, the Poll Tracker app helps you keep track election results in real time!