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One Mom Finds New Hope Through Digital Works

Columbus, Ohio (June 20, 2018) - Crystal Amesquita never expected to be in this position—recently incarcerated and struggling to find a job to support her 12-year-old son Dominic. But everything was about to change.

A program called Digital Works (DW) came into her life at the right moment and turned it all around. While staying at the Alvis House in Columbus, Ohio, Amesquita learned about DW from her case manager.

Crystal123 E1529346949520 225x300 Crystal Amesquita receiving her graduation certificate from Tammy Spring.

“Once I was in the program, I saw right away that there would be an opportunity for a good job after graduation,” said Amesquita. “Digital Works gave me a second chance despite my record. The facilitators and mentors did a great job preparing me for my future career field.”

Digital Works is a program of Connected Nation that provides classes in basic digital literacy, customer service support skills, business and technical skills, and career readiness training. Amesquita attended the training at the Reeb Center location in Columbus, where a dozen nonprofits work together to meet the needs of the local community.

According to Amesquita, DW’s staff provided her with an easy-to-follow training program. Her facilitators helped address questions or issues as they arose and made sure she performed to her fullest potential.

After a month of hard work, Amesquita graduated from Digital Works in mid-2018 and was the first one out of her class to get a job interview.

Crystal 2 300x225 Crystal speaking about her time in Digital Works

“My first interview was with an insurance employer, and four days later I was offered the job,” she said. “It was a moment I won’t forget. For me, it was a great accomplishment.”

She now works directly with customers helping them handle insurance needs and questions. She’s done so well in her new position that she was invited to speak with and encourage new students taking part in the life-changing program.

“I provided insight and guidance to current Digital Works participants. Encouraged them to stick with the program so that they too could reach their goals,” said Amesquita. “If it was not for Digital Works, I would still be unemployed and looking for a steady job. It gave me the opportunity to start over and become the supportive mother I always wanted to be. This program was nothing short of life changing. It gave me another chance to have a career and provide for my family.”

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