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No Longer for Elite: How Mid-Tech Positions are Changing the Job Market

No Longer for Elite: How Mid-Tech Positions are Changing the Job Market

Bowling Green, KY. (August 21, 2018) –The technology world is growing bigger every day. Now in 2018, it has grown so large that tech jobs are no longer classified as “blue or “white” collar, but are known as “new” collar. These are tech jobs that can be done anywhere.

Tech positions in corporations started out as jobs for the elite and high-status workers. But as the digital age grows, demand is also growing for more skilled workers to fill positions now dubbed mid-tech jobs. Some of these job titles include computer network architects, network support specialists, and computer systems analysts.

Since employees for these jobs are in such high demand, some of them do not even require a college degree. According to research done on, 3 out of 13 workers in C&M occupations (computer network architects, network support specialists, and computer systems analysts) do not hold a bachelor’s degree. That is 350,000 out of 914,000 workers without a higher education.

So what does this mean for economic growth? According to Brookings’s research, it means higher paying jobs will begin to move to cities located outside traditional tech hubs such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston.

These mid-tech jobs are now moving inward and are more concentrated in mid-sized Midwestern metros, where the demand for jobs is high. Big tech companies are also placing more work in lower-cost areas to try and bridge the country’s economic gaps. These cities include Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; St. Louis, Mo.; Detroit, Mich.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Minneapolis, Minn.

By bringing these new jobs into the Midwest, it creates opportunity for those who, in the past, did not have a chance at a higher paying job. That’s why it’s important to expand programs like Digital Works, which is already focused on providing training for mid-tech jobs.

Digital Works is a program created by Connected Nation to fill this growing need. It provides classes in digital literacy and workforce training, and provides opportunities for IT careers. Since mid-tech jobs are moving into areas that are not traditionally tech corridors, programs like Digital Works are becoming important to more and more areas of the country.

All in all, as tech continues to become more relevant and accessible, mid-tech job opportunities are growing, which spurs economic development. No matter who you are or where you are, the tech boom can help everyone.

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