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New Digital Training Program Supports Military Veterans and Spouses

Bowling Green, KY. (November 16, 2018) – Connected Nation recently launched its newest Digital Works program training facility in Fort Knox, KY, to help military veterans and spouses find remote jobs.

The four- to six-week program equips students with skills to work in the telework industry and connects graduates to customer support and IT jobs for global corporations.

“Talking to veterans on the phone, I know it is hard for them to find work,” said recent Digital Works graduate Summer Darby. “If they have the opportunity to work with Digital Works, they can make their own income from home and be able to work anywhere.”

One graduate saw more than an opportunity for herself.

“I reached out to my daughter, who is a military spouse and told her, ‘This is a great opportunity for you. Whenever you move to a new station, you will still have a job,’” said Paula Clark.

This program is being offered at no charge to participants thanks to the support of the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs (KCMA), Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA), AT&T, and Elizabethtown Community & Technical College (ECTC).

Working from home is an important need for veterans and military spouses because they are able to take their work anywhere. Some military families move as much as every other year.

“This program helps you with that gap in your job, because sometimes when you move to a new duty station, it is hard for a spouse to find a job,” said Clark.

Connected Nation and Digital Works are working to support our military veterans and spouses to find the jobs they need.

To sign up for the upcoming classes for military spouses and veterans, go to Click on “Apply Today” and choose the “Elizabethtown, KY/Fort Knox area” option. Be sure to check your inbox for an email detailing next steps.

For more information, email us at