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More Than 443,000 Children in Puerto Rico Lack Access to Broadband Internet

(September 29, 2011) - Current U.S. Census statistics report that Puerto Rico has 431,712 families with children (AVG 1.77 children) do not have broadband at home.

In the 2010 Connect Puerto Rico Residential Technology Assessment data indicated that over 250,608 households, or roughly 443,000 children (AVG 1.77 x 250K), do not have broadband service at home.

Broadband has the potential to become a critical key for opening doors to social inclusion and economic empowerment. The lack of this essential utility places households at a distinct disadvantage.

[File Removed] estimates that of the approximately 17 million children nationwide who do not have broadband at home, 7.6 million are in low-income families. The majority of those disconnected low-income children are ethnic minorities — approximately 1.75 million African-Americans and 2.9 million Hispanic children. These children simply do not have the ability to do online research, complete assignments, or interact with their teachers and fellow students on-line at home.

Studies have shown that children without broadband access are less likely to graduate high school, and when those children enter the workforce, their employment potential is significantly diminished.

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