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Mobile Shopping: Changing How We Shop?

(June 27 2011) - online shopping through a mobile device generated $3 billion, according to a
NY Times blog about Forester Research’s new report. That report also projects the revenue generated by mobile shoppers to grow substantially over the next few years. The report (“Mobile Commerce Forecast: 2011 To 2016”) forecasts that five years from now, $31 billion will be spent via mobile shopping, which would be a 933% growth rate from 2010 to 2016. The report also highlights the fact that mobile shopping will change the dynamic of retail; mobile shoppers are going to have more opportunities for price comparisons and product reviews, so savvy retailers will allow store associates to use mobile technology in retail locations.

Connected Nation’s 2010 Residential Technology Assessment of 13 states and territories found that 63% of residents (or approximately 51 million adults) purchase products or services online, including 24% (or about 19 million adults) who subscribe to mobile wireless service.

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By Dev Joshi and John Walker, Research Analysts for Connected Nation