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Llano, Texas Celebrates Broadband Success!

The City of Llano, Texas is celebrating new access to broadband Internet service!

 src=’s a success that no one appreciates more than Jim Beasley. Beasley is the Director of Technology for the Llano Independent School District. When he took the job seven years ago, there was only one option for a landline connection, but that service wasn’t able to meet the school district’s continually growing needs. Only T1 lines were available and problems started popping up when multiple classrooms attempted to connect to the Internet at the same time.

After months of conference calls with the provider, it became clear they were not going to be able to offer a solution that the school district could afford. That’s when Beasley and his team started looking for affordable alternative measures.

They considered buying cell phone cards for all school computers, but that option proved impractical. Then a local provider stepped up and offered service that helped the district get by before the demand outgrew the service three years later.

REPLACE_THIS_TEXT_WITH_OPENING_IMAGE_TAG alt="" src="" style="width: 250px; height: 248px; margin: 5px; float: left;" title="">Connected Texas became aware of the problem as Llano Independent School District was launching the search for a more permanent solution. Helping facilitate relationships, Connected Texas was delighted to see Zeecon Wireless step up and approach Llano about installing a fiber connection. Zeecon is a fast-growing company that utilizes Fiber Optic Transmission lines combined with radio links to the subscriber home or office.

Ultimately, Zeecon agreed to install 15 miles of fiber between the nearby town of Cherokee and Llano. The results are nothing short of thrilling!

The new high-speed service now has the City of Llano, the Llano Independent School District, and the local hospital online at lightning speed – and there’s room left for growth! Local businesses are also benefitting from the connection. Many Llano business owners have reported seeing an increase in their online sales! All of it adds up to just the sort of successful end Connected Texas is working to create in communities all across the state.

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