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Lack of Broadband Costs Rural Texas

Waco, TX (October 8, 2019) –Rural Texas communities have found themselves on the wrong end of the Digital Divide and people are tired of waiting for access. Last week, Eric Frederick, VP of Community Affairs, Connected Nation, spoke with the Texas Farm Bureauabout how lack of broadband (high-speed internet)access hurts rural Texans.

“There are a number of different problems that need to be addressed in terms of broadband for the state,” said Frederick. “Not only the infrastructure and actual access of technology, but making sure it’s affordable for everyone.”

Connected Nation Texas is working with local leaders, stakeholders, internet service providers, and Texas government officials to help solve these problems and expand broadband access.

“We are focused on helping community institutions learn why access is important,” said Frederick. “For example, getting local governments online and making sure libraries and schools have access to technology.”

Along with identifying the problem of rural broadband in the state, CN Texas is beginning its mapping initiative to better identify those exact areas in need – creating a more effective tool for communities, providers, and leaders to use while planning where to invest.

“CN Texas mapping will help refine what the FCC is saying and make sure our numbers are accurate and representative of what is going on out there in the field,” said Frederick. “We are going to be engaging with counties across the state to help build local capacities for broadband planning and community engagement to start addressing these challenges at a local level.”

Learn more about CN Texas and how it is connecting communities by heading to the website at You can also listen to the full Texas Farm Bureau interviews below: