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Is Your Community Eligible for Broadband Funding? A Look at NTIA’s Federal Funding Guide

Bowling Green, KY. (September 9, 2019) - In June, NTIA released a new Federal Funding Guide for communities and states to use for information on potential federal funding opportunities for broadband expansion in their areas.

According to the NTIA, searchable database includes information from 50 federal broadband programs from a dozen federal agencies and covers potentially billions of dollars for broadband grants, loans and other resources. Interested parties can search by federal agency department, funding purpose, and recipient 1200px Us Nationaltelecommunicationsandinformationadministration Logo Svg 2 300x300type (i.e. library, hospital, non-profit).

For example, a K-12 school who is looking for funding to support broadband adoption, can search among all included agencies in the database and find that the Appalachian Regional Commission, Department of Education, National Science Foundation, and Department of Agriculture all offer programs that may potentially fund the type of program the interested school is looking for.

By helping to weed through a vast array of often complicated federal sources and eligibility requirements, the NTIA’s Federal Funding Guide is a great tool for communities, anchor institutions, and states as a first step to gathering information to promote broadband expansion in their areas.

Read the full Federal Funding Guide here