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Iosco County Summit Showcases Business and Technology Growth

On October 13, community, business, government, and technology agencies will come together at Showcase Iosco, a resurrection of a previous area business summit, now representing a wide intersection of community resources. The event—featuring panel discussions on current and developing programs across public, economic, and civic fields—invites every stakeholder in the community to show what they have to offer and to work together for the betterment of the area.

Showcase Iosco began as a part of the Technology Action Plan (TAP) developed in partnership with Connect Michigan. Iosco County is one of more than 50 communities in Michigan developing future-minded plans to attract new visitors, talent, businesses, and more. A variety of community groups including Develop Iosco, the Human Services Coalition, local Chambers of Commerce, Michigan Works!, and other groups, assembled to make the summit a reality and introduce new interests to address a range of modern hurdles facing the area.

“We envision Showcase Iosco to be a forum for our community to grow together by encouraging both obvious and surprising partnerships that will fuel the change and improvement necessary for our continued success,” a representative of Michigan Works! said in a statement. “Each member of our community, no matter what their role or interest, stands to gain and improve through the networking and learning opportunities that will be the keystone of this event.”

Located in a quiet corner of northeast Michigan on the coast of Lake Huron, beautiful Iosco County appeals to many seasonal visitors, though infrastructure for year-long residents remains sparse in some areas. The Iosco County TAP addresses these inconsistencies and outlines future plans for development. Showcase Iosco is one spark behind these plans, bringing all residents and community groups to a blaze of new development.

“The community event will create intersections among the diverse factions of our community such as businesses, residents, government, civic clubs, and more,” said Lindsy Adkins, Co-Chair of Develop Iosco and Certified Business Solutions Professional at Michigan Works!. “This is a place for everyone to present what they do and why.”

A keynote address on leadership will kick off the event in Tawas City at the newly remodeled high school. Start community development through technology. Learn more at