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Humboldt’s Humming a Technology Tune

Winnemucca, NV. (October 10, 2011) - A new group of technology trailblazers is hard at work after its first meeting in Winnemucca.


The members of Humboldt County’s Technology Team held their first official meeting on September 29 at Winnemucca City Hall. The members went straight to work addressing several key issues that are creating challenges for Humboldt County’s technology landscape.


Broadband access and adoption is at the top of the priority list. Quality broadband is a critical need for Humboldt County to remain competitive in business and local job creation. The Humboldt County Development Authority (HCDA) recently partnered with Connect Nevada to become a pioneer in broadband expansion efforts.


HCDA representative Bill Simms and local team chair and commissioner Mike Bell worked tirelessly to get regional broadband providers in the same room to address barriers to getting and promoting faster Internet speeds to local residents. The meeting was successful in beginning the action steps toward broadband expansion. Providers in attendance spent a bulk of the meeting sharing best practices and ideas for solutions to service issues in Humboldt. For more information about the next Humboldt County meeting please contact


Nevada’s Broadband Task Force is also supporting the work of the Humboldt County Development Authority. The next meeting of the Task Force is set for Tuesday, October 18.

By Lindsey Niedzielski, State Program Manager, Connect Nevada