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How to Bring High-Speed Internet to Public Housing

Published by Institute for Local Self-Reliance on May 30, 2019

By Hibba Meraay

This week we’re rebroadcasting an episode of our Community Broadband Bits podcast that details our recent report on San Francisco’s innovative efforts to close the digital divide in public housing. Host Chris Mitchell is joined by former ILSR intern and report co-author, Hannah Rank, to discuss how this model can be used as a blueprint by other cities. You’ll also hear commentary from Chris and Lisa Gonzalez, Senior Researcher at ILSR, as they chime in to clarify some details of the report. The trio also cover:

  • How cities can make smart one time investments to make sure buildings are able to connect to Internet infrastructure.

  • How the local Internet Service Provider, Monkey Brains, was able to get funding for the project and potential sources of funding cities can tap into.

  • How a smart digital inclusion program can help lower-income households and keep overall costs down.

  • What having 1 gig enables residents to do including applying to jobs, completing homework, and creating content online.

Listen to the full podcast episode here