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How telehealth impacts the way mental health practioners approach treatment options

Louisville, Kentucky (Febraury 22, 2022) - Creative Family Counseling has a motto that guides its therapists’ work – “helping home be a happier place.” They are a group practice in Louisville, Kentucky and Prospect, Kentucky that specializes in helping turn homes of chaos into homes of happiness and healing.

They are mostly marriage and family therapy, which is systemic therapy which means we are treating the entire family when we are treating a child. Or we’re treating the entire family when we’re treating a young adult. Or when we’re treating a couple or an individual adult. This is an important undertaking at any time, but expeically during the last two years.

"Prior to the pandemic, there was a strong emphasis on providing support to parents already, but during the pandemic the need to provide that support to parents really increased," said Lacey Ryan, Founding Director of Creative Family Counseling.

Rebecca Street is the Practice Manager at the Lyndon location. She’s also a therapist who practices attachment-based family therapy – which she explains is an evidence- based treatment for adolescents and adults and one of the few effective treatments for preventing suicide attempts.

"It is a really difficult model to practice via telehealth because  so much of the energy of what you’re working with happens in the room," said Rebecca.

With very little research available on how to make the adjustment to virtual visits during the pandemic, Creative Family Counseling needed to find a solution quickly.

Watch the video below to see how they continued to help their patients even while stuck at home.

How telehealth impacts the way mental health practioners approach treatment options