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How Connected Nation Gives Back Through Job Training and Placement

Washington, DC — Connected Nation board members recently got together in Washington, DC, to discuss broadband (high-speed internet) needs for rural areas and how it can impact remote employment.

Board member Grant Seiffert sat down with RFD-TV to discuss how the non-profit is working to train individuals on digital job skills - in rural areas. Through the Digital Works program, proctors teach participants a set of online skills and how to find remote jobs that work for their lifestyles.

“The mission that we serve is those local individuals who aren't necessarily exposed to technology,” he said. “Right now, we are focusing on veterans, training veteran spouses, providing jobs and stability to those families who have served us in so many ways.”

Digital Works fills the need not met through traditional recruiting, hiring and training channels. The program is community-driven and provides a workforce development platform that can be tailored to large, urban settings, small towns, rural counties, statewide programs or individually in a brick-and-mortar or virtual setting.

“It’s a first-class program with staff that really is knowledgeable about where there is technology dialed into the community and not,” said Seiffert. "We're happy to say we have trained close to 1,000 individuals now.”

Watch the full interview to learn how Connected Nation is keeping more people in an interconnected world.