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Gov't says up to 10 pct in US lack good Internet

Washington, D.C. (February 17, 2011) – As many as one in 10 Americans can't get Internet connections that are fast enough for common online activities such as watching video or teleconferencing, and two thirds of schools have broadband connections that are too slow to meet their needs. Those are some of the conclusions from the Commerce Department as it unveiled a detailed, interactive online map showing what types of high-speed Internet connections are available — or missing — in every last corner of the country...

One thing the map makes clear is that many Americans today do not have access to such cutting-edge, "future-proof" networks, said Tom Koutsky, chief policy counsel for Connected Nation, a non-profit that did the mapping work in 13 states and territories. Even among Americans who subscribe to broadband, he said, the map shows an emerging divide between those who have the ultra-high-speed connections — often delivered over fiber-optic lines — that are needed to watch video and handle other bandwidth-hungry applications, and those stuck with more basic services, such as digital subscriber line access, which may be too slow for tomorrow's Internet....

Gov't says up to 10 pct in US lack good Internet

By Joelle Tessler/The Associated Press Technology Writer