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Governor Abbott Issues Statement Of Support For Senator John Cornyn’s ‘Eliminate The Digital Divide Act’ Broadband Legislation

The following release was issued by Gov. Abbott's office on October 1, 2020.

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement of support for Senator John Cornyn's 'Eliminate the Digital Divide Act.' This legislation would expand broadband access across the country by sending federal dollars to the states for the purpose of developing programs that fund broadband projects in underserved areas. 

“At a time when high-speed internet is increasingly important to Texans’ daily lives, it is essential that we continue to expand broadband access throughout the state,” said Governor Abbott. “Senator Cornyn’s ‘Eliminate the Digital Divide Act’ offers a strategic path forward to bridge the broadband gap and improve access to high-speed internet for all Texans, especially those in rural or underserved communities. This legislation will support local economies, boost student learning, spur workforce creation, and provide more opportunities for all Texans.”