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From Benton Harbor to the Upper Peninsula – Michigan set to become one of the most connected states in the Union

Bowling Green, Kentucky (April 4, 2023) – In 2022, broadband measurements including wired/fixed broadband access, low-cost internet access, fiber-optic service, and a variety of upload and download speeds were taken from every state and the District of Columbia. compounded these measurements and ranked every state on their overall broadband scores.

Michigan was ranked 32nd in the United States, but it won’t be that far down the list for long. Thankfully for the residents of the Great Lake State, the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office (MIHI) and Connected Nation are collaborating to raise Michigan to the top, making it one of the most connected states in the Union.

As part of this effort, Connected Nation is on the road with the Michigan Connected Future Tour. This ambitious, 40-stop listening tour is being hosted by MIHI, which is an arm of Michigan’s State Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. The tour’s mission is to collect public input to develop a statewide, five-year internet connectivity plan.

The listening tour recently visited Berrien County in the southwest corner of the state. At this event, the Connected Nation team had a chance to speak with the very individuals who are the driving forces behind the state’s push for broadband connectivity.

The video, linked below, shares more about this stop on the tour, as well as the impact of the connectivity project overall.

Dan Manning, Connected Nation Broadband Solutions Manager and a lifelong Michigander, says the Berrien County listening event focused on “regulating the industry a little bit more, having more government control, lowering the prices, having more rules and requirements for providers to build out in certain areas.”

The video also features County Commissioner Teri Freehling and County Administrator Brian Dissette, who touch on their struggles with the pandemic, the challenges they are facing today, and the overall “state of the union” of broadband growth in Berrien County.

Watch the full video on YouTube or click below