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Four Projects in Texas Awarded in Rural Broadband Experiment Auction

Last Friday, the FCC released the list of the “provisional” winners of the Rural Broadband Experiment auction. The good news? Four projects in Texas have been given funding. 

This was the first time the FCC had awarded Connect America Fund subsidies for fixed broadband through competitive bids. Bids were due November 7 and were awarded based on cost-effectiveness comparison to the FCC Connect America Fund Cost model. Forty projects were awarded in the $100 million budgeted for the experiments. Of these, 15 projects accounting for $41.7 million are in our Connected Nation footprint (42% of all awards). Awards were given in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, and Texas. Nationally, 25 states plus Puerto Rico were represented by awards. Read a policy brief about these awards.

This is great news for our state teams and further evidence of our success with bridging the digital divide in communities across the United States. Our team, and our partners, continue to have success! 

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