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Employee Skills and Employer Needs: Perry County, Ohio - Workforce


The technology-related skills necessary to be successful on the job are changing to keep pace with new innovations, tools, and applications that make production and services more efficient. The skills of the workforce should match the needed skills of the employer in order for establishments to take advantage of new technologies. The chart shows the mix of employee technology skills (as indicated by employers) as well as how well employers say those skills match the technology needs of their organization. (Non-Users: Employees that do not need any technology-related skills; Basic Users: Employees that use basic office software, internet browsers, e-mail, or other primary technologies in their job; Moderate Users: Employees that are required to use more advanced software/hardware in their job that may be sector/industry/task-specific; and Advanced Users: Employees that develop, operate, maintain, modify, and manipulate technology systems, software, or hardware.