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Dividing Lines: A Discussion on What Digital Inclusion Means and Who is Being Left Out

Louisville, Ky. (October 3, 2019) - Imagine your life without access to broadband (high-speed internet).

A Documentary On The Unequitable Access To The Internet And Digital Resources 2 300x300 Click the image to see a larger version that you may also print to share with others.

You couldn't pay your bills online or access  your doctor's appointments. You couldn't search and apply for new jobs or, if you have kids, provide them with the resources needed to finish their homework.  You couldn't easily look online to order cheaper goods or compare services. You couldn't even keep up with many of your friends—most are likely on social media.  The list goes on and on.

For millions of individuals and families across the United States, this is a reality. They do not have access to the same opportunities and resources to improve their quality of life that many others do. They are, simply put, left out.

That's why Digital Inclusion Week, taking place October 7-11, is such an important time to raise awareness about vulnerable populations that are being forgotten. These include families, children, senior citizens, military spouses and veterans, and those living in urban pockets and rural areas.

As part of Digital Inclusion Week, Louisville Metro Government is hosting a viewing of the documentary, Dividing Lines. The special screening is just 15 minutes and will take place at the U of L Cultural Center, located at 120 E Brandeis Avenue, starting at 6pm on Thursday, October 10.

The public and media are invited to this free event which will include a panel discussion following the screening. Heather Gate, Connected Nation's Director of Digital Inclusion, will be among those taking part. She not only has 13 years of experience with digital inclusion work across the U.S. but currently serves on the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment (ACDDE).

The other panelists taking part are Chloe Quiroga, Manager, ConnectHome USA (LMHA); Heather Warrell, Executive Administrator of Digital Inclusion, Jefferson County Public Schools; and Jason Chodyniecki, Founder and President, Animus Foundation.