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Disabled Veteran Aims to Solve Rural Broadband Crisis

Published by Patriot Broadband

Branson, MO. (February 13, 2019) - Rodney Ballance, Jr., President of Patriot Broadband, LLC and a veteran of the US Air Force, announced today that he has partnered with a group of investors to create America's only Internet Service Provider franchise company. Using the successful model of a hybrid fixed wireless and fiber optic internet provider, the group has formed Patriot Broadband Franchise, LLC. to provide high-speed internet (broadband) to rural areas of America.

According to the Federal Communication Commission, almost 40 percent of rural Americans don't have access to the minimal standard for broadband internet. This franchise company allows people who live in areas impacted by the current crisis to purchase a franchise, and have the group assist them with setting up a Broadband connection for their communities. Patriot Broadband will provide these communities with a direct link to the "backbone" of the Internet, just like their friends and family in the city enjoy. Franchisees will then install service to residential and business customers within their territory.

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