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Digital Interaction: Lauderdale County, AL - Households

The internet has moved from an occasional tool to one of the principal ways we communicate, perform research, work, or participate in leisure activities. Measuring the digital interaction among residents and various community sectors allows a glimpse into the importance of the internet in their lives. More importantly, this analysis can identify the common traits among those who use the internet less frequently and develop solutions for including them in the digital ecosystem.
This chart shows the frequency with which residents state they digitally interact with various sectors of the community. Community members were asked how frequently they access online information from or interact electronically with the following sectors/entities: Agriculture, Community Organizations, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Education, Libraries, Local and Non-Local Businesses, Local, County, State, and Federal Government, Public Safety, and Tourism. The digital interaction information explores how residents are (or are not) digitally interacting with various community institutions. This information is helpful for guiding and developing the digital strategy and online presence of these entities in the community. This chart below shows the average frequency with which residents digitally interact with these sectors compared to residents in other Connected communities.
While digital interaction is a personal choice, for those completely without or with restricted access to the internet, those who cannot afford a connection, those without the skills to use the internet, and those with limited awareness of the opportunities afforded by the internet, their opportunity to make such a personal choice is severely limited.