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Digital Divide: Coronavirus Crisis Highlights Texans’ Lack of High-Speed Internet Access

The following was published by Spectrum News on April 1, 2020
by Karina Kling 

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AUSTIN, Texas -- The coronavirus has forced Texans online for education, work, entertainment, even communicating with friends and family right now. But one-third of the state does not subscribe to high-speed internet in their homes.

The digital divide is particularly a problem in rural Texas. Nearly 1.5 million rural Texans do not have access to the internet, according to Connected Nation, a nonprofit that aims to expand access to broadband.

“During a pandemic like this and social isolation, being connected is much more important than it’s ever been before,” said Jennifer Harris, the state program director for Connected Nation Texas. “If you do have a good connection, you can chat with a doctor online, you have students that can do homework at home, you can work from home. That’s all great as long as you have a good connection.”

Click the video link above to watch our full interview with Harris, including what’s being done to help Texans get connected during the coronavirus crisis.