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Digital Distress: What is it and who does it affect? Part 1.

Published by Medium Technology on February 21, 2019

by Roberto Gallardo & Cheyanne Geideman

As the digital economy and society continue to grow, communities and individuals have a shot at improving their quality of life. However, not everybody is being able to participate in this digital age. Those on the wrong side of the divide are being left behind, prompting the creation of strategies to ensure everybody can reap the benefits of this new age.

Digital inclusion is one such strategy. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), when talking about bank financing for broadband initiatives in a recently released report, defined digital inclusion as “the adoption of broadband technologies and its meaningful use for social and economic benefits”.

Being able to identify areas in dire need of digital inclusion efforts is an important step to take to ensure everybody participates and benefits of the digital age.

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