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Cyber Monday Shopping is Made Easy with Broadband

Bowling Green, KY. (November 29, 2010) - Cyber Monday is upon us and many Americans are likely to be surfing and clicking for deals.

For example:

For more than half of the households surveyed in Connected Nation’s 2010 Residential Technology Assessment, Cyber Monday may be one of the many reasons residents choose to hop online to make purchases. In a survey of more than 15,600 households across the nation, 54% report that they use their broadband connection to shop for goods or services online.

This number is very likely to go up after days like today as people realize the cost benefits of saving time and money while using a high-speed connection to do their holiday shopping.

Want learn more about individual states? View specifics below:

Connect Iowa
Connect Kansas
Connect Michigan
Connect Minnesota
Connect Nevada
Connect Ohio
Connect Puerto Rico
Connect South Carolina
Connected Tennessee
Connected Texas

Source: 2010 Connected Nation Residential Technology Assessments (n=15,647 adults living across the US in states/territories served by Connected Nation)