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Context and Background: Prosper, TX - Infrastructure

From the onset, the local broadband team should be applauded for their past and ongoing efforts to foster broadband expansion in Prosper. Under the guidance of Harlan Jefferson, Chuck Springer, and others, the team’s efforts have paid dividends and their message has been heard by the citizens and the broadband providers within Prosper.

The local broadband team also includes Leigh Johnson, Craig Andres, Michael Korbuly, Meigs Miller, David Bristol, John Webb, Darcy Schroer, Spencer Seals, Fernando De Velasco, and Danny Scott.

It is CN’s opinion that the localized campaign to improve broadband has resulted in substantial improvement in infrastructure expansion; much of which can be attributed to the last 12 months of new home construction in recently developed subdivisions.

According to the most recent FCC Form 477 data, current as of December 30, 2017, the following providers reported fixed broadband service in Prosper:

Local broadband providers see new construction areas as significant opportunities and have invested heavily in capital expenditures to lay the necessary broadband infrastructure. Overbuild activities have been less active as each individual opportunity is scrutinized by the provider to determine if a reasonable return-on-investment (ROI) is achievable. The use of the term “overbuild” excludes fixed wireless service and refers only to wireline competition only for discussion purposes. Overbuild opportunities also typically consider the speed and pricing of the competitor, the number of competitors, and the demographic composition of the neighborhood.

An example of overbuild expansion was discovered at Butchart Drive where the subdivisions in the area historically were limited to DSL. The only other service available in this area is fixed wireless from Speed of Light and AT&T.

Evidence of active construction (e.g., open trenches and pits, conduits extending above ground, line markers and flags, etc.) was identified and documented in the area where AT&T reportedly offers 100 Mbps x 20 Mbps DSL. It is assumed that Suddenlink is the provider overbuilding the area and will be installing DOCSIS 3.1 service rated at 1 Gbps x 50 Mbps.

Other areas where DSL is the only available technology, which should be discussed with Prosper’s broadband providers, exist at locations such as Cripple Creek Drive, Moss Creek Drive, Reflection Lane, Flyway Drive, Stonybrook Drive, Springbrook Drive, Cedarbrook Lane, Overbrook Lane, Town Lake Drive, White Crest Lane, Blue Ridge Drive, Moss Glen Drive, and Abbey Lane.