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Connecting Michigan Communities - Regional Broadband Planning Webinar

Bowling Green, Ky (March 18, 2021) - Access to broadband (high-speed internet) is more important now than ever. That’s why Connected Nation Michigan (CN Michigan) is hosting a series of webinars called “Connecting Michigan Communities” to highlight critical broadband needs and technology-related topics. 

The CN Michigan team held their seventh webinar discussing regional broadband planning on Tuesday, March 16. Panelists included Wes Kerr, Director, Community Solutions, Connected Nation; Tom Stephenson, Community Technology Advisor, Connected Nation; and Stephen Carlson, Regional Development Commission, West MI Shoreline. 

During this webinar, regional approaches to broadband, technology planning, and development were discussed. One of the key issues and questions raised by participants was: What is the biggest benefit of regional broadband planning?

"The biggest benefit of regional planning is all of the expertise," said Stephenson. "When regional providers use their expertise on large projects, it becomes easier to keep people connected."

“Another benefit is inclusivity,” said Carlson. “We have to make sure we are inclusive to all communities, because it is important each voice is heard."

To watch the full webinar and listen to each discussion, click on the video below. Or if you want to learn about the “Connecting Michigan Communities” webinar series, then head over to the CN Michigan website here!