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Connecting Florida: The Link Between Broadband and Business’ Bottom-Line


Tallahassee, FL. (October 19, 2011) - Twenty-six percent of Florida businesses are missing out on an average of $130,000 in annual revenue. That’s the finding of a new report from Connect Florida. The nonprofit recently completed the state’s first Business Technology Assessment. Its findings confirm that Florida businesses with a broadband connection generate more revenues and potential jobs.


The study was conducted by Connect Florida, in coordination with the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS). It found that 74% of Florida’s businesses currently use broadband, but estimates that approximately 134,000 Florida businesses are still missing out on the benefits of the technology.


Connect Florida plans to work with local leaders and broadband providers in applying the data to expand broadband availability across the state.


“In our digital economy, businesses must embrace broadband, and other transformative technologies like it, in order to survive,” said Brian Mefford, CEO of Connected Nation, Connect Florida’s parent organization. “The Internet is driving products and services to the marketplace in an environment where creativity and innovation are both reinforced and rewarded.”


Internet-connected businesses in Florida report earning 32% of their revenue from online transactions. Additionally, nearly one-quarter of state businesses allow employees to telework.


The Business Technology Assessment is the first of its kind and takes an in-depth look at all sectors of the state’s economy. For more information, please visit the Connect Florida website at

By Jeremy Thacker, Communications Specialist, Connect Florida