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Connected Nation’s Teens Teach Tech, powered by AT&T, program surpasses 12,000 adult learners nationwide in first year

Louisville, Kentucky (December 12, 2023) – More than 12,000 adults are marking the end of 2023 with a new set of digital skills – courtesy of Teens Teach Tech, powered by AT&T, a Connected Nation (CN) program.

Teens Teach Tech, powered by AT&T, provides a platform for teenagers across the country to share their technology skills with adult learners to help bridge the Digital Divide. The incredible 10K+ milestone was commemorated during a press conference held yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We’ve chosen to mark this special moment at the Somali Community of Louisville because the organization has been a standard bearer of what Teens Teach Tech, powered by AT&T, can do for both the teens who are sharing their digital expertise and the adults who are learning new skills that can help improve their lives,” said Tom Ferree, Chairman & CEO, CN, during the press conference.  

As of early December, 12,113 adult learners during 576 teen-led workshops in 17 states were trained through the Teens Teach Tech program. The Somali Community of Louisville was honored as Partner of the Year during the Louisville press conference for training nearly 1,000 adult learners.

“The success of this program speaks to the incredible need for expanding digital literacy training and learning programs in our country,” said Emily Jordan, Vice President, Education Initiatives, CN. “When we launched this initiative last year, we hoped to empower teens to make an impact in their community and our teams have been so creative and innovative as they support older parents, caregivers and community members navigate our increasingly digital world.”

Teens Teach Tech, powered by AT&T, was established as a new digital literacy and learning program by CN, a national nonprofit founded in Kentucky 22 years ago with a mission to close the Digital Divide across the US. The program is made possible through a contribution from AT&T.

The program provides funding and resources for local classes that focus on one of six courses, provided by AT&T. Those courses are internet basics, computer basics, cybersecurity, email basics, mobile device basics, and videoconferencing. This mentorship opportunity allows teens to provide community service while learning real-world problem solving, collaboration, and project development.

“These topics provide an entry point for adult learners who are struggling with modern technology,” said Heather Gate, Executive Vice President, Digital Inclusion. “When we discuss ways to improve digital inequities or digital inclusion it is critical that we address how to train those who are being left behind.”

To learn more about the incredible milestone, head to Feel free to use  clips from the press conference, which begins at time code 25:00, for coverage.

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