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Connected Nation Weighs in at FISPA/WISPA Service Provider Summit with State Perspective of National Broadband Map

Orlando, FL. (March 25, 2011) - Today, Terry Holmes, a senior technologist for Connected Nation, provided a state perspective on the National Broadband Map at the FISPA/WISPA Service Provider Summit in Orlando, joining Andrew MacRae from the NTIA on the panel.

Holmes provided the state mapping perspective, addressing issues related to wireless providers. The focus of the panel, he said, was to gain greater participation of fixed wireless providers in the state mapping projects, which, in turn, make up the National Broadband Map.

Today was Holmes’ second day at the provider summit, which has more than 300 attendees. He said it was interesting to watch smaller last-mile providers working together to determine best practices.

“Clearly, the WISP industry is taking shape, building cohesiveness and gaining a voice in the provider community,” he said.