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Connected Nation Releases 2011 Residential Broadband Adoption Survey Results

Bowling Green, Ky. (October 13, 2011) - Today, Connected Nation released its groundbreaking annual residential broadband adoption survey results representing among the largest surveys of its kind ever undertaken. The results from the survey are available online, and give a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities for expanding broadband in targeted sectors.

The survey results show the majority of low-income, senior, disabled adult, Hispanic, and African-American households are still without broadband at home.

We invite you to explore, examine and, most importantly, share these results.

“The broadband adoption gap affects us all – it affects the economic future of our communities, it affects the education of our children, and it affects the economy’s potential for job growth,” said Tom Koutsky, chief policy counsel for Connected Nation.

These surveys were conducted in support of Connected Nation’s state programs, which are at the forefront of state efforts to close the nation’s digital gap. These surveys explore the main barriers to adoption – cost, digital skills, and relevance – and also provide unique insights into the broadband landscape in several states.

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