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Connected Nation on the National Wireless Initiative

Lansing, MI. (February 10, 2011) - At Connected Nation, we have spent years working on and encouraging the use and expansion of broadband in some of the hardest to reach places. From the expansive states of Alaska and Texas to the island landscape of Puerto Rico, Connected Nation has seen the power broadband can provide residents and businesses alike.

Today, we are excited that President Obama also showcased the transformational affect broadband can have. He chose Michigan, a state where we have been working since late 2009, to highlight the importance of closing the digital divide that still remains in our vast nation.

In Michigan, through Connect Michigan, we continue to lay the necessary groundwork for the President's wireless goals by collecting data and working aggressively to close the digital divide. Specifically, Connect Michigan has been working with the federal, state, and local governments as well as state providers, community anchor institutions, and individual citizens to create a comprehensive broadband road map and promote opportunities to expand broadband. We applaud the initiative’s support for community collaboration and plans that rely on accurate and reliable data.

Through our work in Michigan, 11 other states, and Puerto Rico, we have been able to, for the very first time in some areas, accurately assess where the broadband market stands and can begin working with individual communities to address local barriers. Our studies are being used by local and state-level policy makers to help drive smart policies and investments that can quickly and effectively close the gaps. As we saw today in Michigan, there are countless examples across our states and nation proving that ingenuity is boundless with a broadband connection. We stand behind the goal to help every citizen realize the benefits of broadband.