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Connected Nation Kicks Off Public Safety Month

Connected Nation is committing to improve communities through greater broadband adoption, access, and use. This February, we’re kicking-off our Public Safety Month to highlight the ways in which broadband is supporting police departments, hospitals, and fire departments as they protect our families and save lives.

We’re looking forward to highlighting how high-speed Internet is helping promote better public safety, but we need your help today.  Share your story about how the Internet, mobile broadband, or other technology helped you in an emergency situation.

Our organization plays a key role in providing first responders and caregivers the tools they need to be effective. Those tools and services include:

  • Mapping communications assets – GIS maps are used for everything from developing the public safety network to tracking criminal activity or emergency response routes.

  • CAI Data Collection – Outreach to and survey of hospitals, local law enforcement, and fire stations helps build awareness and establish a centralized database of key connectivity data for planning. Take the CAI Survey here.  

  • Connected – The local planning efforts provides a mechanism for improving digital communications in the public safety sector of a community.

  • Technical Assistance – 2nd use of the public safety network provides enhanced broadband access to businesses and residents.

Now more than ever, the U.S. is focused on ensuring fast and reliable communications for our public safety officials and caregivers through the historic effort being undertaken by FirstNet.  The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) was created by Congress in 2012 and is mandated to design, construct, deploy, and operate a nationwide public safety broadband network.

As this month continues, we look forward to sharing your stories about how broadband helped you an emergency situation and we hope you’ll provide your feedback today.

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