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Connected Nation Joins National Coalition to Boost Digital Literacy

FCC's Chairman Julius Genachowski announces broadband adoption initiative called “Connect to Compete.” 

(October 12, 2011) - Today, Connected Nation was named by the FCC as a key strategic advisor and partner in a national public-private broadband adoption initiative called “Connect to Compete” aimed at boosting digital literacy and skills training and job creation.

The program involves a dozen private and nonprofit partners and includes a national “digital literacy corps” working to close the broadband adoption gap, and initiatives by private sector firms that are donating training opportunities, software, and creating digital content that will help job seekers.

“Our data show that nearly 32 million rural Americans don’t have broadband at home. Across all areas, approximately 6.7 million unemployed Americans don’t have home broadband service. We can’t compete when our players are sitting on the sidelines without the right equipment,” said Brian Mefford, CEO of Connected Nation.

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A member of Best Buy's Geek Squad addresses the crowd at Wednesday's FCC announcement.

At Connected Nation, we have [File Removed] to boost digital inclusion and broadband adoption, access, and use. And, tomorrow, Connected Nation is releasing its 2011 Residential Technology Assessment revealing the barriers to broadband adoption across vulnerable sectors. The research shows the vital need for efforts such as Connect to Compete.

Check back on tomorrow to learn more.