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Connected Nation celebrates Digital Learning Day 2022

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Washington D.C. (February 22, 2022) - Digital learning has become ubiquitous for most students across the country. It has become essential for the continuity of learning itself, and schools now have both the challenge and opportunity to pioneer a new path forward--one that will foster exciting, immersive learning opportunities for K-12 students everywhere, even after the pandemic has passed. But this unprecedented level of technology integration will be completely dependent upon the availability of a robust Internet connection. Connected Nation celebrates Digital Learning Day by providing Connect K-12, a free online portal that equips state and school district leaders with powerful intelligence so that they can identify better Internet pricing and negotiate cost-effective upgrades to meet the digital learning demand.

Join Connected Nation and Connect K-12 in celebrating Digital Learning Day by spreading the word online and using the hashtags: #DLDay and #FutureReady