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Community Festival Highlights Broadband Through Gigabit Gaming

Filled with music, live entertainment, games, arts and crafts, and other fun activities, the Rivers and Spires Festival in Clarksville, TN is famous, drawing between 35,000 and 40,000 visitors to Clarksville each April. This year, the festival will showcase a new feature: gaming stations and wifi kiosks that allow visitors to tap directly into their gigabit network.

Clarksville, TN provides gigabit Internet, the fastest Internet to date, which allows for movie downloads in seconds, instantaneous page loads, and other features. Officials representing the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council, electricity and telecommunications provider CDE Lightband, and others working with Connected Tennessee are giving residents and visitors a chance to test the network for themselves and experience firsthand what a gigabit connection really means.

The introduction of the gaming stations to the festival last April allowed 4,500 gamers to test the network. This year, even more players will be able to join in with 80 gaming stations available throughout the event. Experts who know the frustrations of slow network speeds while gaming will be able to instantly recognize the difference that gigabit Internet provides. New gamers will be able to experience the instantaneous reactions, fluid game play, quick action, and overall fun of online games through a successful connection.

“We’re a gigabit city and we are trying to find avenues to advance what we’re doing and put out information about it,” said Cal Wray, Executive Director of the Economic Development Council and Community Champion for Clarksville. Clarksville began working with Connected Tennessee in the fall of 2014 and is now near achieving Connected community certification. Economic development, education, and tourism were all high-focus priorities on their action plan toward achieving certification.

Wifi kiosks in the downtown area will also be available during the festival, allowing visitors to use the Internet and explore the town online, while also testing one aspect of the Technology Action Plan.

“Visitors can interact with it to get information; see restaurants, events, historic sites, and things to do in the area. This provides more functionality and a better way to promote what’s going on, but also while you’re there you’ll have wifi access,” explained Christy Batts, Broadband Division Manager for CDE Lightband. CDE Lightband provides access to the fiber network, which supports the gigabit connection and works with the city to provide the gaming platforms and wifi kiosks that highlight the capabilities. The kiosks will provide a 100 ft. radius of wifi access, as well as information about the city’s history, upcoming events, and services. The kiosks at the Rivers and Spires Festival will be the first tests in a plan to potentially cover the downtown area in wifi.

The Rivers and Spires Festival is held April 16-18. With new technology available, the event is sure to bring even more fun and exciting opportunities to Clarksville. To learn more about gigabit Internet, wifi speeds, and other community initiatives across the nation, visit