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Churchill County, NV

Churchill County, Nevada is officially a Connect Nevada certified Connected community. Fourteen counties are currently involved in some stage of the Connected program. Churchill County is the state’s second to achieve the official Connected certification.

The occasion was marked with a public event at the Churchill County Commissioners meeting at the Churchill County Administrative Complex in Fallon. The Churchill County Technology Team was presented with its official Connected trophy announcing the community’s official designation.

"Attaining this certification was a group effort, maintaining this will be a continuing community effort. The power of connectivity can not be ignored, and should be available to everyone in our community," said David A. Tilley, Project Manager & Sales Engineer, CC Communications.

Churchill County is the 18th community in the nation to earn the certification. The Connected program entails building a comprehensive action plan for developing a technology-ready community by reviewing the technology landscape, developing regional partnerships, establishing local teams, and conducting a thorough community assessment. The broadband coverage of the area was measured using Connect Nevada’s broadband availability maps and survey research.

The Churchill County Action Plan unveiled at the event includes projects to expand digital literacy, build awareness for the benefits of broadband, and assist businesses with websites and social media, as well as improving the online presence of local governments, among other entities. Connected certification affords a community an avenue to discuss its success and pursue opportunities as a recognized, technologically advanced community.

“This Connected certification marks a commitment to furthering technology use in Churchill   County,” said Connect Nevada State Program Manager Lindsey Niedzielski. “Through the Connected initiative, Churchill County is able to leverage technology planning in all aspects of economic development and improving the quality of life for its residents.”

Churchill County’s Connected certification comes after several months of the local Technology Team working with Connect Nevada to assess the broadband landscape, identify gaps, and establish actionable goals and objectives. The certification is an important benchmark as the team now phases into working its newly established long-term community broadband plan.

The Connected program is part of the Connect Nevada initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA State Broadband Initiative (SBI) program. Connect Nevada is working to facilitate the access, adoption, and use of technology throughout the state to create a better business environment, more effective community and economic development, improved healthcare, more efficient government, enhanced education, and improved quality of life.