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Celebrating World Backup Day!

Bowling Green, KY (March 31, 2021) - It’s World Backup Day, and as a wise man once said about this important day “Baby, back back back it up!”

World Backup Day is meant to raise awareness of the important role data has in our lives and the importance of regularly backing up your data. People now create and share more than 1.8 ZETTABYTES (that’s 1.8 followed by TWENTY zeros) of data – that includes official reports, Baby Shark videos, family photos, and everything in between. If those files aren’t backed up properly, they can be lost with one spilled glass of iced tea. On top of accidental damage, the growing number of Americans teleworking from home means that ransomware attacks, malware, and other sources of data corruption are a growing threat. While backing files up isn’t something a typical computer user thinks about regularly, it should be on every digital citizen’s to-do list.

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Experts have offered a number of tips about best practices for backing up and storing your data. The first and most important step is to get it done – don’t put it off and do it regularly (not just once a year on March 31st). 

Backed up data should be kept disconnected from the network that you normally use – this means keeping offline copies, keeping backup copies at a different physical location from the original files, and logging out from cloud backup tools when data are not being transferred. Once you have an established backup routine, make sure you test it regularly – you don’t want to find out something didn’t work after your data has been compromised. Rest assured, whether due to malware or an accident, data loss will happen to us all. If your files are properly backed up, recovering those memories can be a snap. Then you can sit back, enjoy that iced tea, and relax knowing that your files are safely backed up.

You can learn more about World Backup Day and take the pledge to back up your important documents and memories here. You can also learn how to protect your online information at Connected Nation’s Drive digital learning hub.

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About the Author: Chris McGovern is the Director of Research Development for Connected Nation. He works with Connected Nation staff and external stakeholders to develop research deliverables and provide critical analysis. He uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret data, formulate reports, and make substantiated recommendations based on research findings.

Resources: “Extracting Value from Chaos,” an IDC Digital Universe study