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Celebrating one year for the NTIA Broadband Infrastructure Program: What the awardees had to say

Map Of Bip
Broadband Infrastructure Program Awards Map. Click the above to get a large image.

Nashville, Tennessee (March 2, 2023) - On Wednesday, March 1st, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) hosted the “Internet for All Webinar Series - Broadband Infrastructure Program One Year Anniversary Celebration”.

During this webinar, NTIA leadership and Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) staff celebrated the one year milestone by recognizing the work of the fourteen grantees and highlighting program milestones. Connected Nation attended and live-tweeted the whole event to highlight the information discussed.

The following are snippets from that discussion as well as details on some of the funded programs:

Doug Kinkoph, Associate Administrator, Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth and Geoff Jordan, BIP Program Director moderated the event.

“The Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) has paved the way for all other internet programs, one of the first to award grants and put boots on the ground." - Doug Kinkoph.

“This program has 14 awards over 13 states, 1 territory, 123 counties, and impacts 67,000 businesses and homes." - Geoff Jordan.

There were three awardees that spoke during this event to explain how the BIP program has directly impacted their communities. 

Rachel Godeaux, Director of Community and Economic Development, Acadiana Planning Commission

Overview of award: 

  • Grant Funding - Federal: $29,940,612 & Non-Federal Cost Share: $5,322,890
  • 22,196 households served
  • 2 projects
  • Service Areas - Rural areas within Lafayette Acadia Parish, Evangeline Parish, and St. Landry Parish.

“This program creates an environment where communities can be better connected, and improve their workforce development. The Acadiana Planning Commission will use this grant funding to serve many of our households." - Rachel Godeaux.

“Before our project people in our rural communities did not have a lot of options for broadband." - Rachel Godeaux.

Judge Joe Pat Covington of Scott County 

Overview of award:

  • Grant Funding - Federal: $3,123,999 & Non-Federal Cost Share: $15,303,000
  • 5,351 households served 
  • 1 Project
  • Service Areas - Scott County (central region of Kentucky, areas other than Georgetown- the county seat).

"We are a donut hole of bad connectivity in Scott County, Kentucky. Once we hired a consultant, it was game changing for us to move forward with our application for the BIP." - Judge Joe Pat Covington. 

“These funds bring over 400 miles of fiber to the homes in Scott County. It will help improve remote learning and small businesses in need of better connectivity." - Judge Joe Pat Covington.

Rebecca Mincey, Director Development Authority, Lumpkin County

Overview of award:

  • Grant Funding - Federal: $3,236,198 & Non-Federal Cost Share: $1,935,846
  • 5,448 households served
  • 2 projects
  • Service areas - Lumpkin County (northeast region of Georgia)

"Addressing those with underserved internet access needs is very important to Lumpkin County. Our two projects thanks to the BIP program will serve 5,448 homes." - Rebecca Mincey.

The awardees also had something to say about the BIP program and what the NTIA has done to improve broadband access in their communities.

"When this opportunity came up it was a game changer. It brought those vendors and providers to the table and basically opened up the flood doors." - Judge Joe Pat Covington.

"The NTIA has been very helpful from when the BIP award was announced to where we are today." - Rebecca Mincey. 

"This opportunity came at the perfect time. We were begging people to look at our community and help our residents get connected. We are very thankful." - Judge Joe Pat Covington.

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