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Businesses Looking at Fiber Internet in Clare, MI

From teleconferencing to website management, email, online research, downloading or uploading videos, social media management, and much more, Internet access and use is an essential consideration for most businesses. From large corporations and headquarters to mid-sized manufacturing firms and even small businesses with ten to fifty employees, broadband is quickly becoming an important factor when examining where to locate, relocate, or start up a new branch of the business. A business that can't regularly access the Internet is not only cut off from home-base communications like email and cloud-hosting but also can't communicate or reach the millions of consumers that look for new businesses online.

In 2015 Winn Telecom launched its Gigabit Internet service, Winn Speed, to Northern and Central Michigan, including Mt. Pleasant, Clare, and Gaylord. Homes and businesses alike can now access the fiber network, making the technology a first for many home and business owners. With speeds up to 17 times faster than typical connections through cable or phone lines, the higher speeds are getting the attention of businesses looking to relocate.

“The gold standard is Gigabit Internet,” said Anthony Vissman, Director of Business Development at Winn Telecom. “Clare has really embraced status as a Gigabit community. The city and the county are on board.”

Both rural and urban areas that are getting on the fiber map want to use the capabilities to attract economic development. For businesses looking for competitive advantages through the Internet, it's the perfect combination. One architectural firm located in the greater Detroit area is considering Clare for its new headquarters after Winn Telecom informed them that they could exceed their data delivery needs at a lower price point.

“They haven't made the move yet,” said Vissman, “but it's the kind of thing I'm starting to hear a lot, especially from Clare. It's great, because the hardest thing I've had to do is get the word out about how [Gigabit Internet] can effect life in a positive way.”

Winn Speed for business is available to businesses in Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Gaylord, parts of Harrison, Stanton, Shepherd, Ashley, St. Johns, and several other locales, while fiber to the home is available in Mt. Pleasant, Clare, and Gaylord. To learn more about Winn Speed and find out about getting your home or business connected, visit