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Building Equal Experiences

Celebrating Black History Month

Bowling Green, KY (February 3, 2021) - Technology is causing the world to change daily. Because of this, many black communities are falling behind due to inadequate resources, funds and programs that would maximize the usage of modern information technology.

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Technology and its access are crucial to enhancing personal growth and learning. Technology provides differentiation in many places, including the classroom and the workforce. It provides a safe learning experience for those who are disabled, which is especially important to black communities: According to the 2020 census, 14.1% of African Americans report having a disability. 

Technology is important to how we live. It is all around us, even when we are not aware of it. Unfortunately, since young people of color do not have access to technology, they are often left behind.  The world is not going to stop for anyone, but the truth of the matter is that African Americans are behind often. As horrific as the pandemic has been, I must say that I believe access to technology has increased in the black community during this time.

When I was young, the access of technology was not as important as it is today. I could not imagine getting a late start in learning and understanding today‚Äôs technology. Everyone should have equal access to learning and be presented with the same opportunities. Whether it is technology, furthering education, protesting, or human rights, it is important the people of color are given an equal experience. 

Osborne Tanisha

About the Author: Tanisha Osborne is the Connected Nation Technical Project Coordinator. She assists with technical and administrative tasks related to operations and deliverables of the GIS and ETS teams.