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Broadband Platforms Vary Greatly By State

(January 25, 2011) - At Connected Nation, we spend a great deal of time analyzing the large amount of data we collect on a daily basis. The importance of data collection and research as the foundation for effective programs to drive broadband deployment and adoption just can’t be overstated. Last week we described how broadband speed availability can differ greatly from state to state. This demonstrates that examining broadband progress of the country as a whole can only tell part of our broadband story. To get the full tale, one simply has to dig deeper, which is what we do at Connected Nation.

In the next chapter of the story, we look at how broadband deployment varies by platform at the state level (we also examine these data at a county level, which provides our state partners a wealth of knowledge about what’s going on inside their borders). Connected Nation did in-depth research in ten states, covering more than 1,400 broadband providers. The results found all states have broadband available via multiple broadband platforms. But, some states vary greatly in the degree of penetration by some platforms. For example, in Nevada there is high penetration of cable, DSL, and fixed wireless platforms but fiber to the home is very scarce. By contrast, almost 9% of households in Iowa and just more than 6% in Tennessee have fiber-to-the-home.

Mobile broadband service is fairly ubiquitous across most states, in many cases with penetration to more than 97% of households. This 3G footprint is the foundation of the next generation 4G mobile platform and implies that, in most states, mobile providers are well positioned to rollout rapidly their 4G networks.

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By Phillip Brown, Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy, Connected Nation