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Broadband Map Goes Mobile

Update (May 28, 2020): is no longer a working website. This story explains what happened with it.

Great news today in our efforts to bridge the digital divide: We now have the ability to access the national broadband map on mobile devices!

What does it mean for Connected Texas?

As we work with communities, organizations, and local providers to assess broadband needs, we use the national broadband map to help examine what areas lack availability and how we, along with our partners, can go about bringing more broadband options to those areas.  We're also very excited about our efforts to help build this map by contributing our own research and data to the project.

We encourage you to check out the new functionality at and take a look at the broadband availability in your area. Do you have access, or do you live in an area that doesn't currently have broadband options?

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Stay connected and help see our efforts through to success!