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Broadband Makes Profound Impact on Texas Economy

Do you have any idea how much time or money using Internet services actually saves you? Thanks to new Connected Texas research, we’re getting a pretty good idea.

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The new report titled, How Broadband Impacts the Texas Economy, shows the various ways that Texas broadband adopters save money and time by using Internet service.

Among the report’s findings:

  • Texas broadband subscribers report that finding healthcare information online saved them an average of 2.4 trips to the doctor, and 2.4 trips to the emergency room in the past year. This translates into a statewide savings of $7.6 billion annually.
  • Texas broadband subscribers report that they drive an average of 165.6 fewer miles per month as a result of subscribing to home broadband service. This results in an estimated annual savings of $11.2 billion in driving costs, plus a reduction of 17.8 billion pounds of CO2 emissions.
  • Texas broadband subscribers are able to do things faster with broadband, resulting in an estimated 15 hours per month that can be spent with family, developing a small business, or helping in their communities. Statewide, Texas broadband subscribers save an estimated 2.1 billion hours per year, worth approximately $22 billion annually.
  • On average, each Texas broadband subscriber saves an estimated $3,161 per year as a result of driving fewer miles, doing things faster, and making fewer trips to the doctor or emergency room.
  • The combined savings of broadband adoption on the Texas economy is $40.9 billion. An additional $700 million is saved for every 1% increase of broadband adoption across the state.

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