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Broadband: Get Started Today

San Francisco, CA (April 18, 2019) - The National Planning Conference was held  April 13-19 in California. According to the American Planning Association, the annual event brings together planners from across the country to discuss the "hottest topics, the latest tools, and the leading voices with something new to say."

For the fourth year in a row, Eric Frederick, Connected Nation’s Vice President of Community Affairs, presented on broadband planning in the session titled “Broadband: Get Started Today.”

This session examined why broadband is critical for communities and why planners should be involved in broadband and technology planning. It also looked at identifying broadband models of deployment, the basics of community network and public-private partnerships, and the role of feasibility studies in planning.  It featured data, case studies, and best practices to provide a foundation for participants seeking to get involved with broadband planning.

Millions of Americans are still without adequate broadband access leaving them out of educational, economic, and healthcare opportunities and without the ability to access other resources many of us already enjoy. For that reason, the session was identified and peer-reviewed as significantly pertaining to inclusiveness and social justice.

The next National Planning Conference will take place April 25-28 in Houston, Texas.

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