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Broadband Adoption in the Metro Detroit Area

Detroit, MI. (September 2, 2011) - Broadband expansion (in both urban and rural communities) is vital because of the numerous economic, educational, and social benefits it can offer. Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon recently said, "Expanded mobile broadband coverage is very important in the fight to keep the streets of Detroit and Wayne County safe … Stronger signals and faster connections give law enforcement instant access to the information we need during critical investigations and keep our officers connected.”

In the Detroit Metropolitan Statistical Area (which includes Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties), approximately 1.9 million adults subscribe to home broadband service, representing 77% of adults in the region. In Wayne County, though, that percentage drops to 68% (still slightly above the state average), meaning that approximately 325,000 Wayne County residents don’t have home broadband service. In fact, Connect Michigan estimates that approximately 143,000 adults living in Wayne County (or 14%) do not use the Internet at all.

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By Dev Joshi, Research Analyst for Connected Nation