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Broadband Adoption

As stated previously, broadband adoption is different than broadband access in that adoption refers to subscribing to internet service at a home, business, or institution. An entity is defined as adopting broadband if that entity subscribes to an internet connection. Broadband adoption is harder to define in a community because data is less widely available on the topic. The United States Census offers some information on the use of technology and types of broadband connections in communities of a certain size. The data found through this link is the most recent technology and broadband data available from the Census for all counties and places in Michigan that meet the Census size requirement:

The broadband adoption data found via the Census can provide a baseline for understanding the types of connections found in the community and the devices in the home. However, if your community does not meet the size requirement for the Census to provide this type of information, broadband and technology adoption data will need to be collected in a different manner.